Why Home Staging Isn't Interior Design

Why Home Staging Isn't Interior Design

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This article was written by Lina Haddad of Freska Designs as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

At face-value, home staging and interior design might appear to be the same thing: Both involve making a home look its best. However, home staging is also called property styling for a reason. We stage homes for tours and photos in the same way a fashion stylist will stage his / her models. The makeup, outfits, and lighting will look amazing, but they aren't meant for long-term use. They are intended to help sell a product, create a message, or tell a story.

Let's quickly explore the intention behind staging and design so that you know which service to ask for when you need help with your home.

Merchandising vs. Homemaking

Staging tells the story of the home for marketing purposes, highlighting its best features and illustrating how the home could potentially be used. Interior design tells the story of the people who live in the home and enhances their daily quality of life. Because the story of each family is unique, the design strategy of each home is different.

In contrast, home staging is suited to the home itself and made to be universally appealing for a specific client demographic and geographic area, rather than for unique individuals. Both staging and design are valuable services, but they are not interchangeable.

Aesthetic vs. Structure

Home staging focuses on the aesthetic of a listing to varying degrees. In some listings, the home can be redecorated with its existing furniture. In others, rental furniture and decor must be curated to suit each space in the home. Repainting the walls or removing / replacing window treatments might also be necessary.

Interior design focuses on the function and fashion of a home, per its inhabitants. This often includes structural changes, demolition, carpentry, and various other trades. The price tag is much higher because the materials and products used are intended for permanent placement rather than temporary styling.


Livable vs. Photographable

Even a well-designed home will need to be staged if the listing agent and homeowner want to receive competitive offers. This is primarily because even the best interior design might not photograph well. (Ask any interior designer, and they'll tell you about the hours of prep and styling they and their photographer must do to each space just to take a few photos).

Interior design and staging are art forms with completely different purposes. Freska Designs offers both home staging as well as interior design services, so, if you're looking for a firm that can handle all aspects of staging or styling your space, you've come to the right place!



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