Restyling Your Living Space In 10 Easy Steps

Restyling Your Living Space In 10 Easy Steps

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This article was written by Alessa of Amata Home Styling as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

Do you ever feel like your living space has become boring and is not reflecting your current lifestyle anymore? Sometimes we perceive our home in a way that simply doesn’t identify with us because we’ve gotten so used to it over time, and we need a new visual atmosphere to stimulate our mind. A lot of us get stressed by the task of giving our place a makeover because we believe it has to be an elaborate and costly project. What many don’t realize is that dressing our home and making it feel refreshed shouldn’t overwhelm us, but can be a great opportunity of getting to know ourselves better. It’s also the perfect occasion of having a friend or partner help us along the journey and turn it into a fun project. So why not start right away to restyle our living space into a beautiful oasis by following these ten easy steps?


Make A Mood Board

Research different looks and styles (online, magazines, stores) and cutout any elements that are inspiring to you. Paste all onto a board to make a collage, either by hand or in digital format. See this as a way to pull your space together and set a theme to what colors and moods you’d like it to reflect. For example, if you have a preference for natural elements, you could create a board with furniture that has neutral tones and is made of organic materials or wood. If you prefer modern nuances, you could add accessories that are linear or sophisticated.

It’s helpful to create more than one board over the course of time, so you can make up your mind about what you feel most comfortable with. Another great idea would be to make bigger versions and place them on a wall or next to an area. This way, you can get a better feeling of how a mood fits into that particular spot. Trying out several ideas and moving things around a bit is actually the best way to get started.


Set The Tone

After you’ve made your board, you should be able to pull together a look that resembles the ambiance you would like to create in your home. By setting a tone you’ll have a general guideline to inspire you along the way of choosing different decor, colors and furniture. This will be helpful when you are shopping around for items, so you have a clear idea of how your space will appear.


Keep & Toss Bins

This simple method helps you create some visual clarity in your space (and your mind) by setting up two different bins, one for the things you’d like to keep and another for what you wish to eliminate. Start to systematically go through every single object that's in that room. Always consider how a particular item makes you feel. Do you associate it with a good energy? Does it remind you of a bad experience or event in your life? If it’s not speaking positively to you, then there’s no need to keep it around, as it will only clutter your environment and make it heavy. Remember that you do not have to get rid of everything all at once. Simply place the pieces into another area of your home or give them to a friend that might have good use for them.


Use What You Have

The best part about decorating is that it’s a versatile and creative process that will allow us to repurpose a lot of the accessories and furniture we already have in our homes, such as old books, boxes, rugs, vases, chairs and so on. With little effort, we can revamp our space by easily combining objects we have "transformed" with the occasional new piece. Invest some time into researching different projects on how to repurpose old furniture, and you’d be surprised how many simple to follow ideas will come up. The best thing about it is that you can
mix several techniques that involve painting, decoupaging, sewing, collaging, etc. Certain styles such as shabby chic or romantic country will be particularly adaptable to use for the purpose of restyling.


Gather Materials

Identify what materials are needed (paint, fabric, tools) and where to find them. Ask yourself if you already have some of the items on hand or if you could borrow them from a friend, for example, certain tools you know you’ll only use once might not be necessary to make a bigger investment in. Make a detailed list of what is required because outlining a process as clearly as possible can often help us understand what direction we are moving in. Don’t forget to take precise measurements of the space you are working on and some of the key furniture.


Go Shopping

Before considering a specific style, factor in your finances and how much you are willing to invest on your makeover, as some looks are extremely budget friendly. If for instance you would like to change your bedroom from a modern ambience into a Scandinavian mood, you could start the process by searching furniture stores that inspire you and showcase what is in demand at the moment. You could then visit thrift stores or flea markets to gather interesting objects that can be utilized to achieve a more functional and green living environment, such as plants and wooden bookshelves.


Picture Yourself In The Space

To get a better understanding of how we will feel in a space, we should try to envision ourselves in it. Imagine the sensations you will have in that environment, the thoughts that will come to you and the objects that surround you. Think about what could help you achieve a sense of tranquility and comfort. It could involve the use of certain colors that are more soothing or energizing. For instance, you like the idea of being surrounded by a lot of flowers because they bring you joy. Or maybe you work from home, and you would love to be able to take breaks and recollect your mind. You could achieve that, by simply setting up a coffee table next to a window facing a nice view to be able to quickly regain focus. Make a list of these feelings and what you associate with them. This will help you in matching a style that most reflects your inner needs as well.


Lay Everything Out & Decorate

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials and accessories, the real fun starts! Lay everything out into your space and start placing items next to each other to visually create a look. Remember to always identify a focal point around which to set up the rest of the room's furniture. Everything should feel balanced and not too static. By working with symmetry and clear lines, you will be able to keep as much visible space as possible. Declutter the areas you feel are imbalanced and try to create harmony by pairing similar items and colors together. Some areas might also benefit from contrasting accents, as long as they are not too intense.


Take a lot of pictures to compare what looks best, and if you’re still unsure about the results, get a second opinion from a friend to see what their perception is.
Always remember, your space should make you feel happy and relaxed, but also be a reflection of your own personality and what inspires you.


Take Before And After Pictures

Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures of your before and after transformation. This way, you can always remember how your space looked previously and what steps you took to make it look amazing again. It will be a great memory for you to keep in the future.


Invite Your Friends And Family

Let’s remember that decorating and making our homes beautiful should always be about the joy we perceive. We can gain an immense feeling of achievement when we see the end results of what we are capable of creating with our own hands. Invite your friends and family members to your newly decorated living space, so you can share your accomplishments with them and celebrate the great results. They will surely be amazed by your talents and now have a good reason to come over more often for a family dinner.


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