Small Spaced Decor

Small Spaced Decor

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This article was written by Pamela Williams of Pamela Williams Interior Design as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.
In any small space, versatility is key. Having the ability to shift, change and rearrange components will provide optimal productivity and usage in any small space. Here are four tips to create the vibe and enhance the enjoyment of a small space.

Think Multifunctional

When working with a small space, always think “multi-functional”. First, ask yourself what activities you’d like to do in your small space then begin to work backwards to achieve your desired functional areas. Thinking outside the box with furniture such as the sofa, coffee table, media console or bed frame will enhance the alignment of your space to your lifestyle, regardless of its size. 

Try making your space versatile by creating multiple functions for each area of the space. For example, if you know you’d like to host social gatherings, consider ottoman poufs - that are small enough to move around easily yet sturdy enough for guests to sit on - rather than the traditional coffee or end table. Another example is opting for a Murphy, Day- or Trundle-bed to free-up some space for other activities outside of resting.

Be sure to avoid clutter by creating plenty of storage. For instance, use wall space to hang shelves or place a bookcase to create vertical storage space for decorative items such as picture frames, sculptures, candles or books. Use a media console to double as a bench, bar space or hidden storage and consider a platform bed with space underneath or built-in drawers to store items.



The best and purest type of lighting is Day lighting. In any small space, day lighting will make the space feel larger and brighter. Optimize your control of day lighting with the use of blackout curtains, which can shut out unwanted exterior lighting or invite it in for the desired mood.

Perhaps the second most important form of lighting is task lighting. To successfully complete an activity, there must be proper task lighting. Decorate your small space with versatile task lighting that can be used to perform multiple activities. For example, a bedside wall sconce can act as a reading light while lying in bed or overall ambient lighting for the bedroom as a whole. Wall sconces are available in hardware and plug-in options and offer a variety of adjustability features for functionality to suit your needs.

General overhead lighting, or ambient lighting, will play a major role in the overall look and feel of a small space. Stay within the color temperature of 2700 - 4500 kelvins to create an inviting atmosphere in small living and dining areas.


Decorating a small space should not break the bank, and one easy way to make a drastic difference in any space is through paint. Paint walls a lighter color to make a small space feel larger and brighter. Dark paint colors will create a moody affect, while also making a small space feel more intimate and cozy.

Color contrast is a component of design that can be implemented in a small space to create variety and interest. Contrast between wall colors and elements such as window treatments, furniture, area rugs and decor will create visual interest in any space and will distract from the overall size and shape of the space. For example, with lighter wall colors, consider neutral or dark sofas, tables, and area rugs to create contrast and visual interest.



Scale is a principle of design that can make a major impact on any small space. Having the correct scale for art and accessories will influence the way you, or your guests, enjoy your small space. Subtle patterns and textures will make a space feel larger than it is while larger scale patterns will create emphasis or a focal point to inspire the mood. Opt for one large, focal art piece or a collection of smaller works of art to create the desired effect. Keep small spaces open and airy by applying large scale wall coverings in a lighter finish. You can even entertain the idea of covering the ceiling in a large scale wall covering to simulate a larger space. Incorporate one large decorative wall mirror or a collage of smaller mirrors to create the visual illusion of a larger space.


Small spaces do not limit the possibilities for healthy, functional living in the style you want. Staying aware of what the space is needed for is a major driver in the creative ways it can be designed to suite your lifestyle and aesthetic.


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