5 Simple Ways To Get The Vintage Modern Look In Your Home

5 Simple Ways To Get The Vintage Modern Look In Your Home

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This article was written by Quincy LaCour of Quincy LaCour Interiors as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series

Paint Or Wallpaper The Ceiling

Modern times call for thinking outside the design box, but what if all we have to do is look up?! Wallpaper and striking paint colors were all the rage in days past. Who remembers the wallpapered kitchens from the 70s? Now, let’s freshen that up! Choosing coordinating wallpaper for your ceiling, or even doing an accent ceiling, gives modern life to these timeless wall coverings. 

Bring In Oldies But Goodies

Thrifting is a favorite activity for many! I personally love mixing vintage finds with new ones to create a collected look. Old finds like bar cabinets, dining tables, dressers, and glassware can instantly add timeless sophistication to an interior that is filled with brand spanking new things. Plus, these finds always make for a great story at parties!

Add Bold Prints And Patterns For Some Groovy Interest

Nothing ties a space together better than a great print or fabric! Think of it like adding accessories to an outfit. Interiors of decades past saw a reliance on upholstered furniture to add coziness and achieve a lounge-worthy effect. Now, we can streamline that to pillows, drapes, rugs, and artwork. Bold patterns in a neutral space pack a mean punch, creating personality and tying together a color story. 

Grow Like Grandma Used To

From pathos vines trailing down a bookcase, to a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner, adding greenery to a space breathes life into it. Didn’t everyone’s Nana had a green thumb? Plants not only cleanse the air but add a layering neutral green to an interior. It’s one of those accessories that doesn’t have to match or coordinate. Use plants as living decor on coffee tables, consoles, bookcases, or even walls! 

Bring In The Warmth

Wood doesn’t only conduct heat when lit on fire! It also warms up a cold interior. This is an age-old design secret! I bet we were all burning up with those paneled walls from back in the day! Nowadays, we don’t have to take it that far. Introducing wood tones, in various colors, instantly gives a cozy feeling to your space. Wood tones don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but sticking with a consistent undertone will ensure that your design stays cohesive. 

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