Return Policy

All sales are final.

Coco Carpets does not offer Exchanges, Returns or Refunds of any kind on any items offered for sale in our stores.

Inspect all details: Please inspect all items carefully using the pictures on our site before purchasing them. All items that we carry (which are sourced directly from native Moroccan tribes) are hand-made and have imperfections that might appear to be defects. These imperfections are not considered to be defects, as they are features and byproducts of the manufacturing process of these vintage artifacts. If you have any questions about a product you are interested in purchasing, please ask us. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

 Products might lose their colors upon washing or dry cleaning. Following the care instructions we may provide, which will help avoid loss of color and/or seepage of color onto other parts of the material. Care for the product is the customer’s responsibility and the quality of the fabric or the color of the products is not warranted by Coco Carpets.

 Sizes displayed on products are only for reference and might not be standard. Customers are responsible for checking the actual size of the products and making sure they will fit their intended space. No exchanges or returns are allowed for size differences.

Loose stitches, frayed edges, decorative objects, mirrors and beads:
 Any of these issues should be inspected via the pictures on our site before purchasing. No exchanges or returns are allowed.


Because you do not want to buy a vintage piece that another customer may have used (for a variety of reasons), stepped on, altered or damaged – our mission is to have products come from as direct a source as possible because we want to preserve the authenticity and chain of ownership of these vintage products.

We do not want to sell you products that someone has used (besides the tribe).

The products we carry as you know are handmade in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and sold locally in the US for the convenience of our customers, so it is not possible for us to return these back to the makers of these pieces. To entertain any kind of returns we would have to incur significant costs, in addition to costs to the local tribes, which means that we’d have to pass the costs back to you, the customer, or economically damage the tribes. Instead we ask you to make sure you are buying the product you are going to keep and use.

Once again - All sales are final, no exceptions.