Who We Are

Founded in 2015 by Carly Sanders, Coco Carpets offers authentic, one-of-a-kind Moroccan rugs to individuals and interior designers alike. Carly, who first learned of the Berber Tribes of Morocco while studying art history in college, was taken instantly by the vibrant handmade pieces. Before long, Carly immersed herself in Moroccan history, only to discover that each region and tribe has its own carpet design and color palette.

She learned that the Berbers are known for using unique colors and designs in their rugs. The Beni Ourain tribe uses only natural wool, with mostly white and black rugs and simple lines. The Boucherouite tribe uses old pieces of fabric to create a look that is playful and filled with color. The Azilal use a lot of plants and natural dyes to create a variety of colors in wool.

In 2014, after deciding to pursue a career in photography, Carly traveled to Morocco planning to snap some photos to document her trip. As she learned the entire process of making these beautiful rugs and forged relationships with many of the men and women artisans, Carly decided that she wanted to import these exquisite items and bring them to homes in the U.S. Upon her return to the States, Coco Carpets was started from Los Angeles, CA. It was immediately successful, and Carly’s deep knowledge of each rug was a draw to many U.S. buyers eager to learn. 

Coco Carpets has grown to become a community of vintage Moroccan rug lovers from around the world.  

What We Believe

Moroccan rugs are popping up all over the place in the design world and in the pages of shelter magazines. But Coco Carpets aren’t just any old Moroccan rugs; they’re one-of-a-kind rugs only found by traveling to the famous and remote regions of Morocco to meet the Azilal and Boucherouite people who make these rugs and watch the rugs being made. We've developed a knack for seeking out the best vintage handmade Moroccan rugs in the world, and we have a nose for hidden gems.

At their essence, Coco Carpets have a beautifully vibrant style that not only bring any room to life, but that also celebrate and bring awareness to an enduring culture and a timeless aesthetic.

When you invest in a Coco Carpet you are not only purchasing an authentic, one-of-a-kind Berber rug, but you’re also supporting the Azilal and Boucherouite people who made it.