What size rug should I get?

What size rug should I get?

Rugs come in different sizes and have different purposes. There are rugs for almost every area of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. While a rug can look fantastic as the centrepiece to a living area, this is not the only place that you can use a rug. Your entire home will benefit from having rugs in different rooms, and because of this, you will need to purchase rugs of different sizes.

Rugs that are too small

Generally speaking, most people purchase rugs that are too small. This is usually because they are cheaper and they are trying to save money. While you can certainly shop for rugs on a budget, remember that you may be very disappointed with your purchase, if you finally place your rug in your home and it is too small.

A small rug in a large space will look insignificant. If you purchased it to make a statement, the effect will be lost. If you are using a rug to frame a space, it will not achieve this successfully. If you want a rug for comfort under your feet, you will only feel the floor underneath if the rug does not stretch far enough to meet your needs.

When you go rug shopping, consider buying a rug that is slightly less in quality, but that is larger. You will be more pleased with a rug that is actually the size that you need it, than a rug that is high in quality but that looks insignificant in a small room.

One solution if you have a rug that is too small, is layering. If you already have a small rug, that you absolutely love, try placing a larger rug underneath it to fill the required space. You might select a plain flatweave rug in a neutral colour and design. Layering is a positive solution for small size rugs that you have in your possession already.

Measuring your space

Ideally you will measure your living space and choose a rug that best fits the area that you need to fill. If you have a living area, you can either have a very large rug and place your furniture on top of it, or have a medium sized rug and have your furniture placed just off the edges of it.

If you have multiple pieces of furniture in your room, such as lounges and chairs, ensure that all of them are either placed on top of the rug, or all of them are placed off of the rug. Avoid placing some of them on top of the rug, and some of them off, as this will not look overly appealing. The only exception to this rule is if you have a coffee table placed in the centre of the rug, and other chairs placed around it.

Long rooms

Some rugs are made for hallways and narrow rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. For spaces that are long, you will need long rugs. Remember that rugs come in different dimensions, and you can even get hallway runners that are specifically shaped for this purpose. Avoid placing a square or wide rug, in a space that is not shaped the same. Smaller and or longer rugs should be used in these rooms.

Choosing the right rug

Measure the space that you want to fill with a tape measure, and select a rug that fits the right dimensions. Remember that choosing a rug that is the right size and shape, will contribute to you being more satisfied with your purchase.

Karly Allen

Founded in 2015 by Karly Coco, Coco Carpets offers authentic, one-of-a-kind Moroccan rugs to individuals and interior designers alike. Karly, who first learned of the Berber Tribes of Morocco while studying art history in college, was taken instantly by the vibrant handmade pieces. Before long, Karly immersed herself in Moroccan history, only to discover that each region and tribe has its own carpet design and color palette.

In 2014, after deciding to pursue a career in photography, Karly traveled to Morocco planning to snap some photos to document her trip. As she learned the entire process of making these beautiful rugs and forged relationships with many of the men and women artisans, Karly decided that she wanted to import these exquisite items and bring them to homes in the U.S. Upon her return to the States, Coco Carpets was started from Los Angeles, CA. It was immediately successful, and Karly’s deep knowledge of each rug was a draw to many U.S. buyers eager to learn.