What rugs are best for hardwood flooring?

What rugs are best for hardwood flooring?

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If you are searching for the perfect rugs for hardwood floors, you will find that you have a diverse range of options to choose from. Placing rugs on hardwood floors is highly attractive, as the contrasting textures of the hard wood and soft fabrics work together to create a beautiful impression.

Hardwood floors also require protection, and when you place a rug on your floor, you will be protecting your wood from dings and scratches that can occur. A busy family can damage a floor, even when they are being very careful.

Heavy shoes and moving hard objects against a floor can leave it looking lifeless, scratched and dull. A rug placed over the top of the areas that you walk and move over the most, will provide your floor with an extreme level of protection, so that it stays new and clean for many years to come.

Another benefit of using rugs for hardwood floors is that you will be adding warmth to your home. Wooden floors can become cold, especially during the winter months, but a rug will provide comfort and insulation, to keep everyone in your home warm.

Remember the underlay!

If you are asking the question, ‘what rugs for hardwood floors’, you will be pleased to learn the most important decision is not the type of rug you are using, but the decision to use an underlay material. An underlay will sit unnoticed, between the hardwood floor and the rug that you choose.

An underlay will not damage or affect the rug in any way, but it will stop it sliding around on a smooth floor, including those that are made from wood. Other hard floors that require the use of an underlay include tiles, stone and vinyl.

An underlay will also provide cushioning for the rug, so you will find walking over the rug, or lying on top of it, will be a more comfortable experience.

There are different types of underlays. Ensure that you purchase one that is specifically designed for hardwood floors.

The types of rugs to choose from

Other than the underlay, there are no other specific requirements for the rugs you choose for use on hardwood floors. There are several popular types of rugs that you might like to include in your home, including modern rugs, traditional rugs, flat weave rugs, shaggy rugs, and even hides and furs.

Each of these rug types will introduce different benefits and aesthetic features into your home. You may like to sit down with your entire family and discuss each person’s needs and desires for the rugs that they will be living with. Remember that you can incorporate different types of rugs throughout your house, and you can even explore the options of using children’s rugs in their bedrooms and or playrooms, and outdoor rugs if you have hardwood floors outside.