What Are Moroccan Rugs? Everything You Need To Know

What Are Moroccan Rugs? Everything You Need To Know

Crafted by Berber artisans. Curated by decor enthusiasts

You may have heard about fine Moroccan rugs being used to enhance homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and office spaces with an upscale appeal. But do you know what they are and where they are made?

There is so much more to these works of art than meets the eye. A story can be found hidden in the details.

What Are Moroccan Rugs?

Moroccan carpets and rugs are textile floor coverings hand-woven in Morocco by indigenous tribal people. Even though the utility is their main purpose in Morocco, many people throughout the world enjoy collecting and decorating with them.

The varying styles of authentic Moroccan rugs are due in large part to the characteristic climate of the region. This gives each individual piece its own unique story, function, and artistic flair.

Exploring each gives us a better appreciation of what makes this traditional rug-making art form special and why they are sometimes used for more than just to cover the floor.