Ways To Create A Fun & Unique Bathroom

Ways To Create A Fun & Unique Bathroom

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This article was written by Devin of Devinion Haus as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


When it comes to designing a bathroom, the sky is the limit. Bathrooms tend to be spaces that are under-appreciated and under-designed. But let’s change that! Other rooms in the house tend to get more attention,  but when you think about it, a bathroom is a space that anyone, family or guests, can enjoy. Let your bathroom be a topic of conversation. 

There are several ways you can create a fun and unique bathroom in your own home. While powder rooms tend to be the easiest to transform, based on how small they are, it’s completely do-able to create a large, showstopper master bath, even on a budget. 

When thinking about bathroom design, a lot of people err on the side of caution when it comes to materials and aesthetic. But I think it's hugely important not to feel obligated to follow what’s on trend. There is nothing wrong with being on trend, but make sure, once the fad is gone, you will still love the space. 
My advice to you is dare to be different. Take design risks and be bold with your choices. The bathroom is the perfect smaller space where you can experiment and add your personal flair.  Too often people are afraid of color, whether it be bright and vibrant or dark and moody. Or they put too much color and it becomes overwhelming. There are ways to create a cohesive colorful space without it being an eye sore. Just remember that a neutral-toned bathroom, like a monochromatic abstract painting, can be just as stunning as a bright Andy Warhol painting. When color is used properly, it can transform any space into a magazine-worthy design.

Wallpaper can also be your best friend. These days there are a million wallpapers out there, using a variety of surface application techniques (peel and stick, water based and traditional mount). I even design and create wallpaper specifically for clients who want a one of a kind finish that expresses their personal passion (skulls, bugs, historic buildings, abstract shapes, etc…). Like color, don’t be afraid to use it, especially since most wallpapers are now relatively easy to remove.  A lot of DIYers do one wall of wallpaper, but I think to be bold you should cover all of the walls. And please, please, please, think about the 5th wall - the ceiling! It’s the most under-utilized space in most home design. Whether it’s using paint, wallpaper, or architectural elements like beams or ceiling medallions, the ceiling can be the wall that get’s your room to stand out and be a statement piece. 

You can also have a lot of fun with the lighting.  Why not have a huge a bubble chandelier over your  bathtub to make it feel like you’re in a spa?  And the right lighting sconces around your mirror can completely change a room. Even changing out your old bathroom fixtures is easy and can make a world of difference.    

I really encourage embracing what you love. Don’t shy away from an idea, just because you haven’t seen it in a magazine. So often people are caught up with other people’s spaces, they aren’t really taking into consideration what they personally love and would enjoy on a day to day basis. Are you worried that what you love won’t look good?  Talk with a designer if you are struggling with how to take what you love and turn your idea into a reality. From experience, I can say  almost anything can be design-worthy. I designed an entire master bathroom based on DC Comics. It’s not cheesy or cringe-worthy, and I have received repeated requests for how to duplicate the look.  The bathroom has pops of color brought out through the vintage superhero comic covers which I applied to form a checkerboard pattern. They are balanced harmoniously with the hues in the wall and vanity as well as the hardware finishes. And to top the space off, I brought in a vintage rug and it brings everything together.  

Just remember to have fun with your bathroom design and reach out if you have any questions on how you can design the bathroom of your dreams. 

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At Devinion Haus, we work to make your vision a reality. A home should speak to you as an individual as well as express who you are and show your personality. We blend aspects of the people living in the space, creating a cohesive design personalized to you. Bold patterns and colors, if used in the right way can create an incredible statement just as a natural palate with the right elements can just as much create a statement. Don’t be afraid to let the house express who you are. Interior design should bring joy to you on a daily basis.

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