Tips To Incorporate Print And Pattern Into Your Home

Tips To Incorporate Print And Pattern Into Your Home

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This article was written by Elaine Burns Thompson of Pistachio Designs as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

What do some of the most inviting homes have in common? Layered textures, collected treasures, and a real sense of the personality of the owners.
One of the easiest ways to bring that depth and character to rooms throughout your own home is by adding in prints and patterns. 
It's easy to get overwhelmed by the 'right' way to incorporate a bit more pattern and color in your home. Here are the rules I follow:

Start Small

You don't need to overhaul your entire space all at once. The best design takes time. Start with low-stakes details like your tableware or pillows.

Consider Pattern Scale 

Generally I think of the patterns that will be used in a room in simple Small, Medium, or Large sizes. You want a balance of all scales to keep the space feeling balanced.

Stick To A Limited Color Palette

A neutral base is a great starting point and then layer in 2-3 new colors. Your favorite ditsy floral could pair well with a bold, modern stripe if there is a unified color palette between the two patterns.

Favorite Prints And Combos

If you're looking for a starting point, some of my go-to pattern mixing combinations are: 


Large-Scale Stripe / Small-Scale Print / Solid, Texture 

Solid, Flat / Bold Geometric / Small-Scale Print 

Tone-on-Tone Stripe / Ditsy Floral / Solid, Flat

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Pistachio Designs is an interior decorating firm based in NYC, led by Elaine Thompson. Pistachio Designs' rooms are layered, often full of print and pattern, but most importantly, reflect the personality of each client.

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