The Ultimate Buying Guide for Rugs

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Rugs

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Rugs

Discover the best rugs for your style and space.
All my life I had been used to full floor carpeting until late in my 20s before I realized how hardwood floor could be beautiful. Having moved into a condo that was newly built somewhere in town, I had a large portion of gleaming wood floor to deal with. The whole thing looked streamlined and I liked how cool it made my feet feel.

It was not going to be long, however, before I started itching for some coziness; I got myself a rug. Discovering an area rug happened to be really tasking, as it took it me a whole month to learn things about durability, pile, shape, textures, patterns, cost, weight, practicability, dye, beauty, and the manufacturing processes.

Eventually, I just found myself loving flat weave or low pile rugs that are designed with visible patina. A lot of people see them as old-fashioned, but I simply think of them as romantic items that have been previously used on castle floor types.

Beautifully designed antique rugs make me remember my days in Amsterdam. These rugs are used based on functionality, not fashion. The Dutch seem to be more practical and stylish, so it will be impossible to come across a fully carpeted floor. They position area rugs anywhere they might encounter bare feet. Hence, they are not difficult to clean, and can be easily hanged on a line outside.

Recently, I have fallen madly in love with patchwork rugs that are designed from fragments of antique rug. They reflect a modern view on vintage carpets, while offering a special blend of combinations and patterns.

I have had reasons to relocate several times, and my most desired rug, which is designed with its amazing patterns have been able to fit nicely with every home décor and design. The rug cleaners have also helped me maintain my rug’s allure. My wool-made rug leaves you with that warm goat aroma, if it is not properly taken care of. That is not good in any way.

You have to decide whether cleaning your rug all by yourself is what you desire or if you would like a professional to do the cleaning for you. In a house where children, pets, and several activities keep clashing into one another, it will be inevitable to have dirt on your rug. Do you think it will be convenient for you to handle the cleaning?


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The Perfect Style for Your Lifestyle

Just the other day, a client had requested I see how she had implemented their master bedroom design. This was my assessment – the bedroom radiated warmth and had beautiful wooden floors, and under the bed hosted a jute area rug, though the pattern didn’t seem to work out pretty well. I had suggested we opt for a more befitting rug for that space.

As I made my way to the door, I caught sight of the large carpet that was initially part of the family room, as it now occupied the entire floor space. Trust me, I have an obvious way of expressing my displeasure whenever something didn’t sit well with me. And in this case my client could notice my disappointment. She even went further to tell me how it had taken both her and her husband the whole day to come up with that. They thought they had come up with something really nice. But their choice of design was totally out of place. That golden shaggy carpet suddenly transported the carpet back in time and made it look like we were in the 1970s. That was how bad it was.

Shag or high-pile carpeting is perfect in a bedroom or living room when it is installed in smaller sizes. The display of high-pile carpet tile here was simply for creating a unique mix of beautiful patterns. There is enough floor surrounding the carpet so it does not overshadow the space, while providing the necessary coziness and comfort.

Most people prefer the sophistication provided by a high-pile carpet underfoot. For such instances, I suggest placing dense, large rugs in such spaces, preferably in those spaces where people will walk on it. I think you are wasting your rug when you hide a big part of it under your chair and other furniture items.

Since the family members of my client are always fond of hosting sleepovers, and seem to be on the move constantly, shag or high-pile rugs didn’t look like a good fit for them.

Rugs are best suited for regularly used spaces because they have the tenacity to withstand a lot of activities. Moreover keeping a shag rug clean in such situations can be an upheaval task.

Opting for low-pile or flat-weave rugs reduces that wear-look and appears to be more practical concerning spot cleaning or vacuuming.

Inside the room, my client required an area kind of rug that could provide that underfoot warmth, but still reflected elegance and a minimalist touch. A medium or high-pile rug will have altered the room’s sleekness by setting up an island that has furniture on top. We went for a quatrefoil-patterned, low-pile carpet which was cut, as well as bound to provide that custom kind of area rug. While the owners of the house and guests don’t put on shoes when they are indoors, we still saw the need to protect the rug with stain repellant to help extend its lifespan.

Consider 3 things when you choose an area rug:

  • Where it’ll be located
  • What you like
  • How to maintain it

The general rule is that medium to high-pile carpet types ought to be subjected to cleaning every once in a year, as a means of removing allergens, dust, and accumulating dirt which do not easily come off when you use a vacuum. But, many people shy away from taking their rugs to professional cleaners year in year out.

Flat-weave and low-pile carpets offer fewer hideouts for nasty things, and spot-cleaning is a lot easier too. But they need to be beaten at least two times each year to get rid of any dust that would have accumulated. Dry cleaning is also appropriate for many of them. Or why not try our azilal rugs which do not need dry cleaning.

It’s essentially important that you have a regular cleaning schedule for your carpets and rugs to ensure a healthier environment around your home. Wall-to-wall carpets and rugs do harbour so many things if you don’t clean them properly. Walking on such floors barefooted can be really discouraging because of all the items hidden in the rug.

I advise that people go for flat-weave area rugs whenever they need something for rooms that are used frequently. If you have kids who play on your floor, low-pile carpets alongside a premium rug pad will create a cushy, soft place for everyone.

The rug on display here possesses a low pile. However, if anybody wanted to be seated on the floor, they can easily do so without any discomfort.

Bedrooms remain a beautiful location for shag area or high-pile rugs, however, it should only cover the bed space instead of occupying the entire room space.
There’re several rules dictating the way large rugs ought to be laid out within a space. I like to stick to anyone that works for me: So what is right?

I don’t like to place furniture items on the rug, it creates a kind of island feeling. That said, it is quite different trying to use rugs to indicate a special space inside a big room.
The rug on display here has surpassed the dining set in length, hence, defining the dining space without really confining it.


11 rules for rugs – and how to break them

What is the purpose?

Several rules state how furniture should be placed on area rugs. However, I like to take a different approach by asking my client what they have in mind concerning the space.

What the space is used for has a bearing on the rug’s purpose. If you watch TV while sitting on your sofa and nobody likes to sit on the floor, then the purpose of the rug will be to warm and define the space. In such instances, flat-weave rugs are absolutely perfect.

In the room that is displayed beneath, the rug creates the attraction while hosting the sitting area and coffee table inside the large room. No pad was used here since the primary goal was not to provide any cushion.
Sisal, as well as other rugs in this category like hemp and jute offer rooms a more organic, relaxed feel. The rug displayed here offers a more practical look, making everything around appear more up to date.

Jute and sisal are perfect for modern and casual furnishings, with an underfoot feeling that is soft and textured. You can use them outdoors and beat them, but it’s a bit tricky to do deep cleaning on them. They don’t look like the best rug options for areas that have high traffic like entry points because sisal can easily splinter with time. The flatter the weave, the lesser this will happen.

A good way to add a surface that is nonslip to your entry is by using a small flat-weave area rug that can pose as where you can remove your shoes and where you can rest your legs from the bare floor.

The pile type you choose ought to be determined on your entry size and the distance you can position your rug from the door. For many people, the front door is always stuck at the entry point of the rug. This is why flat-weave rugs are best for such spots.

Since the entry stays adjacent the outdoors, rugs in that position ought to be cleaned regularly. They can equally be dangerous when they are not accurately fixed to the floor using a rug tape or nonslip rug pad. The rug on display here brings a visual twist to the eclectic surrounding, creating an entry that is more welcoming and more importantly, a seamless front door entrance.


How to Choose The Right Rug

You need to see your rug as a visual and financial kind of investment. They could make or mar any room, changing the outlook of that space. The rug on display here combines the eclectic room along with its neutral color, and a pattern that is widely spaced. It is equally a flatter weave that easily rhymes with the immediate floor space.

To choose the appropriate rug type, you need to be aware of the appearance of the rug and how it feels when it is stepped upon. Addressing its practicality in relation to your home is also important.

 buying guide for rugs

Some things to consider when shopping for area rugs:

What is your lifestyle like? Do you chase muddy kids around your home? Do you own any pets? A white looking shag carpet might just be a wrong choice for such scenarios.

Where do you intend to put the rug, and what will be its purpose? Do you intend for it to become a point of attraction inside your living room? Is it somewhere people can have a sit when they are having fun with their board games?
What’s your general style? Try to complement the existing style of that surrounding. An area rug should not sync with all the items inside your room. Rather, it should sync with the textures and tones of the current furniture items.
How often do you want to clean it? A costly antique carpet should be sent to a professional once every year for cleaning if it is in a room where it is regularly used, and it can be quite impossible to fit into a car’s trunk. Will someone else pick it up or are you going to send it to the dry cleaner yourself?

What is best underfoot? For someone who needs a softer feel, cotton and wool will be a good option. If you seek a deep, pile, lush, you can get that feel from synthetic fibers. Organic fibers like sisal and jute can also be soft under the foot, but cannot ensure the same amount of warmth like woven rugs.
Timelessness. Are you the trendy can kind of person? Will your choice of rug be suitable for next year trending décor?

Do you intend to move? Going smaller or larger means that that rug may not be appropriate for the new space. I have seen so many people attempting to force big area rugs into spaces that are much smaller. It is not the best to fold a rug.
Cost. Buying a rug that cost some money may sound like a wise choice in future as compared to when you purchase low-quality carpets for cheap prices. But if you are the type that changes your stuff often, an area rug that is less expensive may work well for you. Scoring amazing rugs online for fantastic prices is also a possibility.

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