Moroccan Style Décor - 11 Creative Ways to Get it

Moroccan Style Décor - 11 Creative Ways to Get it

Crafted by Berber artisans. Curated by decor enthusiasts

Morocco is a North African country that is renowned for its bold patterns, hand-made accents, and lanterns. However, there is more to Moroccan style of décor than only the comfortable and attractive aesthetic. Using Moroccan home décor is the best means of delivering form, function, and flair to your home.

Interior décor in Moroccan style is often characterized by bold, vibrant colors that make the room appear warm and inviting. Geometric patterns dominate this style, which can be seen in wall hangings, floor coverings, rugs, and lighting fixtures. Moroccan cushions can also be used to add to the overall look of this style of interior décor.

Moroccan style home décor

Over the years, Moroccan style décor has become more and more popular due to the bright colors and warmth it brings to a home. Hemp, wicker, and wood are some of the materials used in Moroccan-style furniture, which makes them durable, comfortable, and rustic looking.

The Moroccan home décor and craftsmanship manages to cross every style of decoration, social class, and border.

Vanessa Di Mina, Chabi Chic’s Artistic Director said, “I believe that everyone throughout the world, knowingly and unknowingly has an item of Moroccan origin somewhere at home”. This is unique about Moroccan artistry and home design.

So, how do you inspire your home with a Moroccan decoration and design style? Below are exceptional ideas from a few professional Moroccan hoteliers and designers (introduced hereafter) that were interviewed on how to adopt the desired and in-demand Moroccan philosophy and design style in your interior design.

Meet The Professionals:

  • Marzari Manuela is a hotelier at MonRiad Marrakech
  • Tom Lawrence-Levy is the owner of Natural Asthetik
  • Di Mino Vanessa is the Art Director at Chabi Chic

Buy Moroccan-made Rugs and Furniture

If you enjoy the Moroccan vibe, Moroccan rugs are the perfect addition to your home. Their handcrafted design, patterns, and colors make them quite popular in Moroccan-style homes. So, you should consider buying a carpet.

Moroccan-made furniture is top-quality furniture consisting of hand-carved wood and wrought iron. They can be hand-painted at times. Marzari suggested that, if you have a big budget, you can go for standard Moroccan-made furniture. For extra comfort, she also recommended buying a wide Berber carpet, hand-woven by the Berber people.

Modern Moroccan interior design

Vanessa advised that you should buy a few vintage artisan items of high quality that are durable (but having been used and no longer in good condition) if you prefer a minimalist interior design style to Moroccan style of decor. “For minimalist decor styles, it becomes really interesting. Moroccan craftsmanship possesses all you need for a minimalist interior design style. An outsized forged metal tray laid against a wall or on a coffee table that caught one’s attention is simply perfect. I also consider a collection of raw terra-cotta placed on a dining table very attractive”, says Vanessa.

Moroccan Inspired Scents

What does Morocco smell like? If you have been to Morocco you will know very well how fragrance is made. “Orange blossom, Jasmine, and Oud will bring back the memories of your trip to Morocco. With a ceramic burner, you can make the oil scents diffuse. This creates a comfortable environment and gives your room a unique feeling of Moroccan style and elegance”, says Vanessa.

Consider Adding Zellige Tiles

Colored Zellige tiles, hand-made stuccoes, and arches will give your home a Moroccan-inspiring feeling. Zellige is traditionally handmade with natural clay mined in Fez, Morocco. Marzari Manuela, Hotelier at MonRiad Marrakech said, “The presence of Zellige tiles in Moroccan houses is a major reflection of the local craftsmanship of Moroccans.

Be Inspired by ‘The Enlightened City Medina

Medina, a city in western Saudi Arabia has all the decorative items (like wall lamps, pillow covers, Hands of Fatima, radiant decorations, and colored tassels) associated with decorative art available at affordable prices, to give your home a Moroccan feel and touch. Marzari said, “Decorating your apartment with a Moroccan touch is easy, even in the absence of a big budget”.

Create Time for Tea

According to Manuela Marzari, a riad or Moroccan home is incomplete without adequate time for tea. “Teapots and trays can be easily found in the city's markets (souks) and at low prices,” says Marzari.

Buy Moroccan-made Lamps

Lanterns are handcrafted lamps made of teak, wood, and plaster. The lamp is fitted with a ceiling light bulb to give the room an ambient lighting. You can create a Moroccan themed courtyard that is traditional and minimalist by adding Moroccan lanterns around a central seating area. You can buy these types of lamps or lanterns online. They are available at very reasonable prices with unbeatable craftsmanship.

Find Inspiration in Moroccan Art

You can also get inspired by “the artisans of the old cities of Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, Tamegroute etc., using traditional handcraft techniques' ' to bring a touch of Morocco in your home. The variety of handicraft materials is infinite.

“The cover of a Moroccan raffia plant pot or pouf can give a delicate bohemian style and taste to your home, if you prefer not to completely beautify your home in Moroccan style for One Thousand and One Nights”, says Manuela Marzari.

Consider Fabrics With Warm Neutral Designs

With Moroccan décor style, the use of different fabrics and textures is very important. “I enjoy having styles that are more neutral, while still combining Moroccan designs. For instance, I like adding Moroccan throw blankets and pillows. This adds warmth with more focus on texture instead of flashy prints or colors”, says Tom-Lawrence-Levy, owner of Natural Asthetik.

Moroccan style is a mix of Arab and Berber influences with French Galleries. So you can add silk or cotton embroidered pillowcases with similar geometric themes.

Choose Bohemian Style

“The ease to add small touches to promote an impressive ambience, makes Moroccan style décor different from others. You can easily choose some dried flowers, furniture with woven accents, and handmade decorative items with a Bohemian theme”, says Vanessa.

The Bohemian style can be interpreted as a mix of hippie and the Moroccan style. It adds some vibrant colors, natural textures and mosaics to your home design. You can start with the color of your walls and play on them as you go along decorating your living room, bedroom or any other part of the house.

Bring the Outside In

Vanessa also recommended you embrace a more rustic style of décor if you wish to distance yourself from more visible Moroccan style décor. “For rustic style of décor, bring the outside into your home. Every natural item that doesn’t fit the outdoors will provide a clearly rustic Moroccan design style in your home”, she says. Vanessa suggested the use of baskets, wooden side tables, foraged foliage, and lanterns to add a delicate, rustic Moroccan appearance to your room.

Choose Both Form and Function

Vanessa encourages anybody who wishes to reproduce Moroccan flair and style to choose both form and function, even though style and aesthetics are the centers of attention of Moroccan decor. “In Morocco, emphasis is placed by us on the necessity of each decor item to be designed specifically for a particular function in the daily lives of Moroccans. What is more? The hand-crafted quality and features of these items give a soul”, she says.

Moroccan design is a more traditional style that has been around for centuries. These Moroccan style decorating tips are just the beginning of what you can do with this unique decoration. Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun! You never know how your living space will evolve into something new, fresh, and beautiful.