Making A House Feel Like Home

Making A House Feel Like Home

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This article was written by Andi Morse of Morse Design as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

Making a house feel like home takes time — and the right elements. My go-tos include a comfortable and cozy sofa, beautiful rug, and plenty of layers. Sectionals are a great way to create an immediate feeling of comfort that invites you to settle in and put your feet up. Utilize a solid or textured sofa as the foundation of your room design and jumping-off point for the color palette. Let your pillows be a source of texture and color, I recommend selecting velvet pillow covers or exciting prints to mix things up. I love to layer a vintage rug atop a sisal option for the ultimate cozy experience.

Incorporate furniture pieces with wood tones or varying textures like wicker, applied-grasscloth, and even leather. Each of these elements adds to that home-sweet-home feeling we're all searching for. Incorporate brass tones through accessories and furniture detailing, think: chair legs and shelving. Infusing metals into your space will add a modern touch without stealing any warmth. And don't forget art! Strategically layering art onto the walls will result in a welcoming atmosphere that invites your loved ones to come in and stay awhile.

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Andi Morse is the founder and principal designer of Morse Design, a contemporary interior design studio serving clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond. Andi is recognized for her soft modern aesthetic, which she brings to life through livable interiors featuring classic pieces, neutrals, and warm woods.
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