How To Style Any Table Like a Designer

How To Style Any Table Like a Designer

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This article was written by Sharon Crudele from Third + Windsor Design as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


Third + Windsor 

A beautifully styled table can elevate any room and take it to the next level.  With so many choices, looks, and styles, how and where do you even start? If you crave a home that looks pulled out of a photo shoot from your favorite magazine, keep reading and I’ll share my tried and true formula for styling any table that anyone can follow. 

No. 1 Start Clean

It is hard to think straight when you see clutter; clear the space and start fresh. 

No.2  A Botanical Element

I never ever leave a table void of nature. Add a few branches from your backyard tree, pick up an orchid at the greenhouse, or plant a pretty fern in a beautiful pot. Botanicals add freshness, soften the edges of your accessories, and create contrast. 

No. 3  Books Never Fail

I am obsessed with beautiful coffee table books and you can never ever go wrong using them as accessories on tables. Lovely to look at while providing varying heights as well as a surface to place interesting objects. Choose books with a luxury feel that are slightly oversized. There are so many to choose from!


No. 4 Interesting Objects 

Choose a sculpture or object that reinforces your design direction. I love using wooden beads to drape over books or a marble sphere. Coral, interesting paperweights, vases, candlesticks- you get the idea! 

No. 5 A Candle To Light The Way

A large candle such as a 3 wick not only smells amazing, but it too, can be used as a beautiful object. Choose a scent that you love with a clean and basic label. The right candle will bring an elevated touch that ignites the senses. 

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