How To Inject Character Into Your Home

How To Inject Character Into Your Home

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This article was written by Amalia Gal of Amalia Gal Interior Design as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

I like to add dimension to an interior with color, pattern and texture. How do you select items that  make your home feel put together? Here are some tips: Pick a color you love as your “hero” color. The hero is the color that will have the most visual  impact in the room. If you love blue, why not choose a blue fabric for your sofa and window  coverings? 


Pick one or two accent colors to complement the hero color

Keep the accents to pillows, trims,  large accessories. The variety in color comes in the smaller tabletop items (such as books,  candles, etc.).


If you prefer a monochromatic look, pile on the monochromatic accents.

A variety of textures  makes a monochromatic scheme sing. For example, if you love a white bedroom, select a cream  linen headboard, crisp white sheets, walls painted in a soft ivory. Add light wood tones in  picture frames, side tables and baskets, and milk glass lamps for a dreamy, romantic bedroom.


If mixing patterns isn’t your “thing”

Select just one pattern as the overarching design in a room,  and keep the rest of the fabrics solid. You can be more adventurous and use one large and one  small pattern as your mix. In the same or complementary colors, they typically always work  together.


Don’t let trends overshadow your preferences.

I don’t believe that one “gets tired” of a color or  pattern. If you love it today, you will love it years from now.



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