How To Decorate Your Home Office Like A Pro

How To Decorate Your Home Office Like A Pro

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This article was written by Stephanie of Studio Fintan as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


Decorating a home office requires two things. The first is to increase productivity, and the second is to have a home office that meets your aesthetic needs. 

You will need a few tips before beginning that DIY project or shopping for your office. 


 Understand your space

On a piece of paper, measure and draw your room. This will help you determine which furniture you need. Make two or three layouts with each piece of furniture arranged differently and choose your favorite. 



Avoid bulky furniture in a small room. A big space gives you the option of adding other pieces like a sofa, an accent chair, or unique built-in storage. 


Choose a theme

Your dressing style is a great indicator of your interior design style. Do you tend to wear a lot of colors or neutrals? Do you prefer casual or formal clothing? 

Oftentimes, the things we are interested in are the ones we subconsciously gravitate toward. You have the freedom to work with any style you feel comfortable with. 


Play with accessories

Accessorize your space to make it feel polished and personal. 

Windows treatments, rugs, pillows, artwork, and wallpaper can serve as inspiration for your work environment. Additionally, you can use small decor pieces to style surfaces such as your shelving unit.



A poorly lit office can cause headaches. 

If you don't have a lot of natural light, you can use quality artificial lights. You may also choose accent lights to add visual appeal to your office in addition to a task light. 


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