Home Trends for the Spring

Home Trends for the Spring

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This article was written by Alice of Sage Interieur as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


As much as we love a cozy winter inside, here at Sage we have a huge case of spring fever. We cannot wait for the warm weather! The new season calls for a refresh of our homes, and we are buzzing with new ideas. Here are some trends that we have our eye on for the spring and summer season:

1. Bold Pops of Color

Time to let your personality shine! While we love muted, natural hues, bold colors are definitely making a comeback this season. This will help your home feel unique and more tailored to you. Our advice? Be fearless. And once you do paint, give yourself a moment to get used to this new adjustment.

2. Color Texture & Warmth

We want to see your home have a really lived in, personal look. Add pillows with texture and color, or a bold rug to help ground everything. This is an easy, affordable way to make sure your home isn’t too cookie cutter. It helps to create a styled, but welcoming vibe.


3. Sustainability

With the current events in the world, I’m seeing a lot of clients turn towards sustainable practices when designing their space. Whether that’s shopping for unique vintage pieces or looking at the impact the materials they select have on the environment, there’s no limit to how you can incorporate a handful of sustainable goods and practices into your home. Buying locally crafted goods, selecting low emitting paints, low flow plumbing fixtures, the options to upgrade your space are endless.


4. Personalized Pieces

Don’t forget while you’re curating your ideal space that personal touches are very much welcome in place of mass produced artwork. Let’s lean into decor that feels meaningful to you. There are a lot of great options for online print shops where you can send photos and artwork to be printed and framed to your desired size. Bonus points if you go and find a local artist you like to create something for you!


5. Bringing in Nature

As the weather gets warmer, and we get to go outside more, and connect with nature - a great way to spruce up your home or office is to bring some of that nature inside. Plants can warm a space up and elevate your mood. Our personal favorite is the snake plant, a bit of bright light and watering - this plant is super low maintenance and is sure to spark joy!


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