Elements of a Cozy Entryway

Elements of a Cozy Entryway

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This article was written by Monica Minnick of Willow Design Co. as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


Entryways - Our homes are our safe havens. Our spot for winding down, for peace of mind, for comfort, security and our place to cherish and make memories with the ones we love the most. In many homes, the entryway is the first warm welcome after we pull into the driveway, walk towards the front door and feel that sense of winding down. As we close the front door behind us, we’re embraced by the feeling and welcomeness of the front entryway setting the mood for the rest of the home and the rest of the evening. The day and all of its demands, the rest of the world and its chaos, all fall silently behind that closed door, we’re home, in our warmly embraced home

The Elements of a Cozy Entryway

The small, intentional details we can bring together in a beautiful entryway can make all the difference in welcoming you, your family and your guests home. It’s not uncommon for people to feel stuck when trying to make their home a place that feels meaningful, unique and reflective of them. We can get so overwhelmed with design rules and comparisons that we forget to focus on the simplicity of choosing things we love for our homes. It’s not about sticking to a specific style, but about telling your story. Think about small, meaningful details when choosing the following entryway elements to transform this space into the kind of warm welcome you want to share with your family and friends.
1. Table or Shelf - The heart of all the elements, choosing your table or shelf is the most important first step. Be intentional to the material you choose to ensure it represents you and flows with the rest of your home. Whether it’s wood, metal, glass or anything that makes your heart sing, make sure it flows with the rest of your home. Be sure to choose a piece that fits your space, large and wide enough to hold what you need, but modest enough to not dominate the entire entryway.
2. Mirror - Adding a mirror is a must to brighten up the entryway, especially if working with a small space. Having an opening and enlarging effect, a well placed mirror can transform a space from feeling small to large, dark to bright, and dull to glowing.
3. Baskets -  Baskets are perfect for catching umbrellas, scarves, shoes, etc. in a clean, organized design. They’re magical in providing a hiding spot for clutter, bringing texture, and looking beautiful while doing it. Think about baskets with textures to add dimension to the space.
4. Layered Heights - Varying heights of your items placed amongst your entryway table or shelf ties the space together in feeling intentionally designed. Alternate between taller vases, candlesticks, frames or florals and shorter catch-all bowls, candles, stacked books, florals or frames. An easy and beautiful way to add height is to add stems (eucalyptus is always a good idea). Another beautiful height addition is a table lamp, which doubles to provide extra lighting to brighten up the space.
5. Greenery - Is there anywhere greenery doesn’t make a place glow? Adding greenery to your entryway can add the element of an earthy, grounded peace inviting you home. This is also a fun spot to switch up decor based on season- add bright florals in the spring or earthy pines and berries in the winter.
6. Catch-All, Candles & Textures - The smaller elements here provide a chance to add texture, get creative, and bring together a balance. Add a fun “catch-all” bowl that speaks to you. Maybe one you picked up on a trip or something that tells a story. Add in your favorite scented candles for that extra touch of home. The entryway sets the stage for the mood of your entire home. Remember to be intentional, add details that tell your story, and most of all bring you joy.
The entryway sets the stage for the mood of your entire home. Remember to be intentional, add details that tell your story, and most of all bring you joy.

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