Easy Lighting Tips To Give Warmth To Your Space

Easy Lighting Tips To Give Warmth To Your Space

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This article was written by Jill and Jonathan Ghareeb of JG Lighting & Design as part of our Interior Design Newsletter Series.


Lighting is tricky and often the last item considered when styling a home, but lighting truly enhances the overall look and feel of a space. Not only does it give nod to your personal design aesthetic, but it sets the mood for each room. Here are a few easy ways to update the style and tone of your home with lighting! 


Light Bulb Color Temperature, Shape & Wattage

Easily the most asked question we get – what size light bulb and wattage is needed to achieve the color hue we want in a room? Here are a few tips to consider: 


Color temperature

To achieve that warm, soft yellow glow that instantly relaxes and gives off cozy vibes to your space, consider a color temperature between 2600k – 3000k.
For a more blueish white hue, which is often more functional in commercial spaces or in office light (such as with a task or desk lamp), consider 3000k – 5000k measurement.


    Bulb shape (There are typically 3 standard bulb shapes)
      Type A (Arbitrary Shape)
      – this particular shape works best for table and floor lamps. 


      Type B (Bullet Candelabra Shape)
      – a very popular shape, especially with exposed lighting fixtures. Often the best option for classic chandeliers and linear fixture lighting.


      Type G (Globe Shape)
      - a great option for ceiling fixtures that have an intricate design so that light easily shines through.


      Wattage & Lumens
        The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. The higher the wattage, the higher the energy consumption. 



        Small Space Lighting Hacks

        As designers, small spaces are the most fun to style because lighting really adds so much depth and character to the room! Have a small footprint to decorate? You still have lots of options:

        Sconce lighting: Short on floor space but need more lighting? Add it to your walls! Install book end sconces to either side of a fireplace mantle, a big piece of wall art or window. Add articulating task sconces to a small office for more illumination and style. 

          Art lighting: Have an incredible piece of photography or art work? Light it up with art lighting! The added fixtures will give off a beautiful glow to your space and really accentuate a unique part of your home.

            Floor lamps: If your space can’t accommodate side table lamps, consider a nice floor lamp for additional lighting.

              Ceiling lighting: Don’t be scared to bring in a chandelier, pendant, or a semi-flush fixture to your space. Ceiling lighting isn’t reserved for kitchens and dining rooms only! 


                Measure and Tape!  

                Client’s often turn to us after they’ve bought and returned several lighting fixtures that just don’t work for the size of their room. Triple measure your space and read the spec description of the lighting fixture you’re considering purchasing. Use painter’s tape to measure out the dimension specs within your space so you get a real sense for the fixture’s size. Make sure to always read the return policy before buying, in case you do have to exchange for an alternative size. Often times, you do have to pay for freight shipping on returned items. Buyer’s beware! 


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