Designing Homes Around Livability And Longevity

Designing Homes Around Livability And Longevity

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This article was written by Patricia of AHG Interiors as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


As our home and work lives are constantly reimagined, we recognize the necessity of a flexible home. A key to creating durable spaces in a home is layering. Not only does layering add dimension, it also reinforces the design choices and in turn the feeling you’re trying to evoke in your home. Layering a fur throw on a white sofa creates a cozy, welcoming nook and thus a more kid-friendly white sofa. A fur throw is also not a big-ticket item, making it easy to exchange now and then. This is also true for area rugs, especially in kids' rooms. Layering an accent shearling rug atop the area rug functions as a soft layer for play and as a shield against spills. Bonus: Shearling products are antibacterial!



Another element we consider when designing our homes for livability and longevity is intention. This intention can take the form of materials and who we source from. When lead times are unpredictable nowadays, supporting local artisans for example can make a big impact in grounding our spaces. A handmade runner placed in a high-traffic hallway opens up your space in ways that involve more than just your home. Homes that are designed with intention and care are inherently more long-lasting.

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