Designers Secrets to Selecting and Styling the Perfect Rug

Designers Secrets to Selecting and Styling the Perfect Rug

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This article was written by Leisa of Presmanes Interiors as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.

When designing spaces, we often start with a neutral base. What that means is selecting wall paint, draperies and primary furnishings in colors that are liveable for years to come. The rug is one of the biggest accessories in a room, and we often refer to it as the “jewel” of the space. We make sure our clients take a lot of time selecting something they love and feel represents their style. Based on this selection, we use the least prominent colors found in that rug as our pops of color. This can be done with things like throw pillows, accessories, and in some cases, even lighting. Following this rule makes the rug come alive and helps the overall design feel less expected and more sophisticated. 


Selecting the right rug for you:

  • Take into consideration the style of the rest of the home, especially adjoining spaces.
  • Look to your closet for colors you naturally gravitate to.
  • Identify the utility needs the rug needs to meet such as high traffic, children, pets, etc. 


General sizing rules:

  • Allow at least 2ft for the dining chair to slide out comfortably so that the legs don’t slide off the rug when getting up from the table.
  • 2ft is also the minimum amount of space you’re looking for on all three sides of the bed.
  • Otherwise, consider two vintage runners on either side of a bed for a fun look.
  • Remember to allow for at least 18” of space between the rug and the wall to truly define the space and leave an open path.
  • Lastly, when in doubt, MAP IT OUT! Don’t be afraid to grab a roll of painters tape and use it to get a sense of the scale of the rug you’re considering.


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