3 interior Design Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

3 interior Design Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

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This article was written by Ryan Kemp from Wolfe-Rizor Interiors as part of our Interior Design Newsletter series.


You can find interior design tips everywhere online. And they all typically say the same thing. With that in mind, the ladies at Wolfe-Rizor Interiors decided to boil down some of the most ignored or overlooked interior design tips that everyone wishes they knew earlier!

1 – Space Doesn’t Have to Be Filled

Empty space is as important as filled space. Often what makes a room really striking is only highlighted by what’s NOT there. The more room you give a table, or a piece of art on the wall, the more attention it commands. Don’t fill space needlessly. 

2 – Function Trumps Form in The Long Run

I know, how could an interior decorator say that function is more important than form? How can utility beat style? Well, a good interior designer will tell you that the small inconveniences will add up and long-term happiness comes from easy living. So, when it comes down to a choice, choose for the things in your room to be convenient, not just to look good!

3 – Pick One Room in Your Home And Make it Beautiful

Most of the time, decorating a home piece by piece, weekend by weekend, can cause shifts in concept over time. That’s why some people’s living rooms feel somewhat pieced together… it’s hard to stick to a theme or concept over years of slowly decorating. Instead, pick a room, pick a concept, and do nothing but make the room beautiful. That dedication to a single space will show results.

That’s what we wish we had known as youngsters before we became interior designers. We hope these little nuggets or advice help you create a fantastic room in your home! 

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